Meet SqueeGie



SqueeGie – The Official Mascot of Graphic Imprints

Place of Birth – 120 North 18th Street Billings MT - The Creative Department at Graphic Imprints
Position – To create smiles and laughs for all our customers, past, future and present.
Birthday – 3/3/23
Height – About the size of an ink can
Favorite Food – Whatever is lying around the Graphic Imprints’ break room
Favorite Songs – “I wish I was a little bit taller” By: Skee Lo & “T-Shirt” By: Thomas Rhett
Favorite TV Shows – How its made - screen print & The Laundry Guy - HGTV
Hobbies – Hiding in Boxes, Stand up Comedy, Trimming Threads & Dancing

Born in Billings, Montana. Attended design school at MSUB, Billings. Lettered in track and majored in Marketing. A day in the life of SqueeGie starts with a protein shake, answering customer inquiries, cleaning screens in the screenprint department and sweeping the warehouse.

After lunch he enjoys watching the stickers roll off the printer in the vinyl department and then finds a quiet place for a nap near the 120 North showroom.

One of his favorite things to do is to memorize the PMS color book numbers front to back. SqueeGie has a reputation of awesomeness and ground-breaking creative humor. This big-eyed character prefers lace-up shoes to Velcro & refuses to walk long distances.

As long as there is fun and laughter, SqueeGie can be found bouncing around the Graphic Imprints showroom anticipating the next amazing customer to walk in the door.


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